Strategic Media Relations

Eye on Africa is the home to strategists who have a proven record at all levels of electronic, print and political media. We specialize in crafting the best suited narrative for our clients and analyzing their voice where it matters. Our distinctive capabilities include a large success in booking guests, placing stories and an in-depth understanding of audience demographics and proven ability to work with leaders both in government and private sector.

Government Relations

Eye on Africa has unparalleled government relations expertise at the African Union and in governments’ across the continent. As a pan- African firm, we know how to influence elected officials at all levels of government. Our tactic neutral strategies provide clients with cutting edge results. We distinguish ourselves by having bi-partisan talent that comes from the highest inter-disciplinary levels.

Public Opinion Research

For any issue we can help our clients deal with stakeholders groups, i.e., consumers, investors, policy makers & government. We have experience in conducting electoral research around the continent using both traditional and emerging techniques. We audit client situations and measure progress and advice on a way forward

Investment Facilitation Management

We organize business and investor centric events, gatherings, summits, etc for a healthy interaction between investors and industry for exploring avenues for the infusion of foreign direct and institutional investments into the region. Eye on Africa is single mindedly focused for the social and economic development of the region and serves as strong platform for furthering the cause.

Public Affairs Campaign Management

Both in the public and private sector, we provide a one stop shop for all campaign needs, skillfully integrating the entire team into a singular capability that encompasses advocacy, media and government relations & advertising. Eye on Africa develops effective messaging and alters key perceptions within the external environment to change behaviors and allow clients win.