Our Solution

Act as a platform to channelize global investments to the region

It is our corporate philosophy to act as a facilitator to channelize global investments to the Sub Saharan African region. For the purpose we have strategized both individual and collective methods of perusals. Seminars, exhibitions, round tables, symposiums will comprise the collective methodologies whereas the individual methodology will constitute solicitation of large global consultants and firms to induce and influence their clients to consider investing in “Brand Africa” whose economic growth parameters and performance in the next fifteen years will outpace its global rivals.

Quest for unbiased, ethical and distortion free business news

It will be our endeavor to provide customer with unbiased, ethical and distortion free services of business news. This will be comparable to global news standards. Each action of ours will be aimed at providing top of the line consumer satisfaction.

CSR initiative in social alleviation sector

Eye of Africa Pvt. Ltd. will strive to initiate CSR activities in the social alleviation sector by partnering with prospective investing corporate entities and hoisting public relation activities with the beneficiaries. This will have multidimensional impact as it will foster brand admiration and loyalty from the recipients and also provide a goodwill, guidance and hand holding opportunity to the donor corporate entities.